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Vote for Magus on Steam! Magus enters Project Greenlight!

April 23, 2014  Torrance, CA - Aksys Games announces today that Magus, the action RPG, has entered Steam's Project Greenlight and users can now vote for it to be placed on Steam! Magus will bring fast-paced action at a great value to Steam, bringing the fantastical and mystical world to your PC!

To vote for Magus for Steam check out the Magus Project Greenlight page today!

Magus, a mysterious person held captive and tortured for years until a woman named Kinna saves him. She tells him that he is a god, a man who can use powerful magics and he is destined to decide the fate of the world. However, in order to fulfill his destiny, Magus must fight his way against dangerous soldiers, giants and more. Will he become the god he was meant to be, or fall into ruin?

A God with the Power of Arcane
Players will control Magus as he uses his abilities to defeat his enemies. Kinna aids him in his quest, using her skills as a warrior to help you overcome the many obstacles that stand in the way.
An Epic Quest for Power – Travel to dangerous lands and battle the forces that prevent you from becoming the god you were meant to be.

Unleash Blistering Attacks – The world possesses red, green, and blue magic. Absorb these colors to unleash powerful magical attacks.

Evolve and Become Unstoppable – Choose between throwing fireballs or manipulating gravity—or both!  Hone in on one type of magic to become the master of it or learn them all, and let no one stand in your way.



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