Cinder, Ash, Demons and the Ultimate Betrayal Await in the Final Lanox Dungeons

Irvine, Calif., September 9, 2015- KOG Games, a leading developer and publisher of popular free-to-play action MMORPGs, today announces the launch of the final chapter to the demonic epic known as Lanox!

The larger-than-life conclusion to the Lanox adventure is about to unfold. The final Dungeons and Fields are home to some of the toughest encounters Elsword players have ever seen, and for good reason. So, put Pesop's Paper Bag on your head (I'm not kidding) and prepare for the close of the incendiary nail-biter story-arc that has driven many of the Elsword characters to the breaking point! Some have come for vengeance, others to quell the ultimate evil... and "they" came to reclaim her birthright... Regardless of the motives, the heroes of Elrios are being driven by one common, impossible goal: To bring the fight to hell's doorstep. Not only will players face off against seemingly impossible odds, they'll get another shot at Ignia, the El Fire Priestess who betrayed and thrust them, unexpectedly into the gaping maw of the Lanox furnace.


Collapsing Temple of Fire

Ignia has deceived the El Search Party, and now they are after her. But first, the adventurers must make it through the Temple of Fire quickly before it collapses. How much of a challenge would that be when a beast like Ifritan stands in your way?

Grand Cavern: Chasm of the Divided Land

Ignia's trickery pales in comparison to the terrifying tactics of the ultimate villain awaiting Elsword and his crew. Just after being reunited, Elesis and Elsword were attacked. After years of searching, the Demon General Scar has reared his ugly head, and squares off on the weary heroes.  The time and place to stop the dawn of evil in its tracks is here and now!

New Fields:

The new Lanox Fields are a minor change of scenery from the sweltering and brutal dungeon foray, but be warned, even the shadows cast heat beyond imagination. The Volcanic Blade Canyon and Distant Ruins provide a scenic reprieve from the unabashed demon slaying, but the wicked lurk under every rock and the deepest of crags.

Collect Pesop's Emotions and Win 300 K-Ching:

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Today, Elsword is hosting a very special event. Every player that plays Elsword every day for the next 2 weeks will get 300 K-Ching, event loot and more! Visit www.elswordonline.com for all the details about the event. Remember: Play. Every. Day.

Play Elsword, Play Your Manga!

In Elsword, gamers can choose from ten specialized and customizable characters as they explore an immersive world and battle rivals to complete dynamic quests. As players progress through the game, they can evolve their fighting styles by upgrading to new job classes, learning deadly new abilities and mastering combo attacks. With intuitive and straightforward controls, Elsword offers players of all skill levels the ability to experience the thrill of victory in combat either on solo missions or cooperatively in a party of up to four players. For those who welcome a challenge, Elsword also delivers action-packed PvP combat.

To learn more about Elsword please visit www.elsword.com and keep watching the official Facebook page here

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