Reign Supreme With Noblesse & Dreadlord; The Ultimate Dual Character

Irvine, Calif., August 12, 2015- KOG Games, a leading developer and publisher of popular free-to-play action MMORPGs, today announces the launch of dual character, Luciel's second job, Noblesse and Dreadlord.  The dangerous duo will challenge the demon throne usurpers with their own brand of demonic magic, explosive close-quarter melee and unrelenting combos!  

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Lu's second job class, Noblesse, will see her use her new powers to take full control over souls and shadow to make them fight for her, and with this, Lu changes up her basic combat roll from close quarter powerhouse to a mid-range team player.  Lu has grown in power under Ciel's loyal support, and with newfound immense power, her presence on the battlefield is unparalleled.

After receiving substantial assistance from Ciel, Lu finally regains enough power to pose a huge threat to those who've usurped her throne. With her former abilities restored, Lu can summon and control demonic spirits with ease, and unleash her own personal hell upon the netherworld. Using her renewed influence and strength, Lu will punish those who betrayed her and strip them of their ill-gotten power.

As Dreadlord, Ciel specializes more on big unyielding combo attacks. With a new salvo of melee and demonic weapons in hand, Ciel is capable of firing heavy projectiles at distance and then closing the distance for some in-your-face brutality.  If Ciel's new hybrid weapon repertoire wasn't enough, his ability to extract the ever-living souls from his enemies to help strengthen his skills is just ... dreadful!

The wretched atrocities brought about by the demon invasion seem endless, and the day when Lu will retake her throne couldn't feel any further from reality,  Ciel, who has now overcome human limitations with the power of demons, focuses all his efforts on supporting Lu so that she may re-take her throne at all costs. With this, it is no accident that Ciel has grown into a very potent guardian and unrelenting combatant.

In Elsword, gamers can choose from ten specialized and customizable characters as they explore an immersive world and battle rivals to complete dynamic quests. As players progress through the game, they can evolve their fighting styles by upgrading to new job classes, learning deadly new abilities and mastering combo attacks. With intuitive and straightforward controls, Elsword offers players of all skill levels the ability to experience the thrill of victory in combat either on solo missions or cooperatively in a party of up to four players. For those who welcome a challenge, Elsword also delivers action-packed PvP combat.

To learn more about Elsword please visit www.elsword.com and keep watching the official Facebook page here.

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