Obsidian Entertainment’s Armored Warfare is kicking off its third round of Early Access Testing today, through July 14, which allows players to join Player Versus Environment (PvE) matches for the first time. To celebrate the the first time players can experience PvE a brand new trailer offering a first look at PvE battles in the tank combat game has been released.

In Armored Warfare’s PvE mode, players can team up with up with four other friends to go up against computer controlled bots on a range of difficulty levels (Recruit, Warrior, and Veteran) across distinct mission modes including:

    Attack – take control of an enemy objective within the allotted time
    Destroy – destroy an objective on the map
    Escape – retreat a certain distance from the enemy while under heavy fire
    Defense – defend a location on the map from waves of enemy units
    Survival – survive for a certain period of time while under attack from the enemy

Gamers up to the challenge of PvE missions can sign up now for a chance to join the Early Access Testing of Armored Warfare. For guaranteed access to Early Access Tests and Open Beta, as well as premium and exclusive content, players can purchase one of three available Founder’s Packs.

For more information on PvE in Armored Warfare, visit the following post on the official Armored Warfare website: http://aw.my.com/us/news/announcements/pve-missions-armored-warfare

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