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[GM_Staff] Sorry about the down time

[GM_Staff] Sorry about the down time

We at GM would like to apologize to our loyal readers for the brief interruption to our site today.


Moving right along



Moving right along.....the new GM server is up and running and the migration from the old server to the new server appears complete.
We're still working to update the site, hopefully in the coming weeks, the message boards will be up and running again.

The GM Staff will do our best to win back the readers and contributors that have made this site what it is.

The mindless banter forum awaits!

[GM Blog] Please be patient



Good day,

Thank you again for visiting, one of the best Canadian Sources on the net to get your latest information on News / Reviews / Previews and the usual mindless banter that can only be found in GM's forums.

Please come back and visit more often, we promise you won't be disappointed.

Matt Capranos.


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